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  • 19 juillet 2018

    OPTIMUM – Photographic observatory of the area: images of changing urban worlds (2017)

    Summary: The innovative premise on which this project is founded is that the practice of photography – by a skilled artist with a singular vision – can constitute a form of investigation and a tool for considering geography and spatial planning (urban planning and architecture). The images, insofar as they are linked to a certain […]

  • IDENUM – Digital urban identities (2016)

    Summary: This project addresses visual representations of the city through the production and publication of photographs and texts online and in particular on social media. The project aims to describe and characterise practices to document and archive the urban area by photography, linking them to individual and collective public and private projects conferring status and […]

  • URPOLSENS – Wireless SENSor Networks for URban POLlution Monitoring (2015)

    Summary: Monitoring air pollution is an issue of major importance. Today, knowledge about concentrations of pollutants is obtained by combining models of road traffic, weather, etc. and precise measurements taken by a few stations but very costly and therefore few in number. This results in estimates of average pollution levels on a very large scale. […]

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