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  • 6 janvier 2020

    Becoming urban cyclists, workshop in Lyon

    10-11 février 2020 – ENTPE – rue Maurice Audin, Vaulx-en-Velin, France, room D120 Click here to download the program (pdf file) Becoming urban cyclists – From socialization to skills Monday, February 10, 2020 02:30 pm – Bike tour 05:00 pm – Introduction Matthieu Adam & Nathalie Ortar LAET/ENTPE – University of Lyon-CNRS 05:15 pm – […]

  • 6 septembre 2018

    VÉLÉVAL – Assessment of the feasibility of cycling in urban spaces (2017)

    Summary: Véléval addresses the cyclability of urban spaces, both in terms of material and technical conditions but also in terms of the social conditions surrounding the use of bikes and conditioning the quality of travel by bike. The aim is to integrate cyclists’ practices and experiences into the evaluation of journeys and places. This will […]

  • 23 juillet 2018

    SIMODEM – Simulate the mobility of household waste (2018)

    Summary: The SIMODEM research project aims to enrich our understanding of factors affecting mobility associated with household waste in the urban environment and propose a model. The aim is to estimate all the environmental impacts associated with the management of the various types of household waste, from production to collection, recycling and disposal of the […]

  • COCOVN – Collaborative design for natural air conditioning (2018)

    Summary: The aim of this project is to offer a methodology providing a framework for simulating scenarios, as well as a set of indicators and tools for evaluating and analysing the sustainable performance of players involved in the logistics and transport of fresh products in order to estimate the sustainability of new urban food delivery […]

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