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  • 6 septembre 2018

    VÉLÉVAL – Assessment of the feasibility of cycling in urban spaces (2017)

    Summary: Véléval addresses the cyclability of urban spaces, both in terms of material and technical conditions but also in terms of the social conditions surrounding the use of bikes and conditioning the quality of travel by bike. The aim is to integrate cyclists’ practices and experiences into the evaluation of journeys and places. This will […]

  • IDENUM – Digital urban identities (2016)

    Summary: This project addresses visual representations of the city through the production and publication of photographs and texts online and in particular on social media. The project aims to describe and characterise practices to document and archive the urban area by photography, linking them to individual and collective public and private projects conferring status and […]

  • URPOLSENS – Wireless SENSor Networks for URban POLlution Monitoring (2015)

    Summary: Monitoring air pollution is an issue of major importance. Today, knowledge about concentrations of pollutants is obtained by combining models of road traffic, weather, etc. and precise measurements taken by a few stations but very costly and therefore few in number. This results in estimates of average pollution levels on a very large scale. […]

  • REVISOLS – City regeneration and polluted or potentially polluted soils (2015)

    Summary: REVISOLS addresses the issue of city regeneration from the point of view of soil repurposing. Reconstruction/densification is now a priority in a public policy context that aims to limit urban sprawl and encourage compact cities. This project takes an upstream approach, addressing the issue of soils polluted or potentially polluted by past industrial and […]

  • 28 juillet 2017

    Soutenance de thèse de Bilal BERJAWI – 1er septembre 2017

    1er septembre 2017 – 14h00 – LIRIS – Bâtiment Blaise PASCAL – salle de réunion (501-301) – 3ème étage – Campus LyonTech la Doua, 7 avenue Jean Capelle, 69100 Villeurbanne Bilal BERJAWI soutiendra sa thèsé intitulée « Intégration des données hétérogènes issues de plusieurs fournisseurs de services géo-localisés : un cas d’utilisation sur les points […]

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