Soutenance de thèse « Smart Parking: Network, Infrastructure and Urban Service »

17 décembre 2015 – 10h30 – INSA Lyon – Bât. Claude Chappe

Résumé :

As the increasing urban population, cars circulating through city often get bogged down in traffic jam. Smart parking, allowing drivers to access parking information through their handheld devices, is proposed to ease drivers’ pain. Some cities have been launching their smart parking projects, yet still very few drivers can really benefit from them. The work presented in this thesis focuses on the deployment of smart parking system, with respect to sensor and service.

We first spotlight the manner to collect parking information by introducing the multi-hop sensor network architecture, and by looking at the vehicle’s arrival and departure probabilities. Then we study the deployment strategy of wireless on-street parking sensor layouts. In turn, we present a Publish-Subscribe service system to provide drivers with sensed parking information. We evaluate the system in vehicular and mobile networks and point out the importance of content and context of a driver’s message.

Our work is based on the premise that large-scale parking sensors are deployed in the city. We look at the whole picture of urban service from viewpoint of the municipality. As such, we shed light on two main topics: the information collection on sensor deployment and an extended urban service model based on Publish-Subscribe. Our work gives an engineering guideline from network-related perspectives for city before launching a smart parking or any similar real-time urban service. It also provides a meaningful evaluation platform for testing more realistic datasets, such as real vehicle traces or network traffic.

Bertrand DUCOURTHIAL, Professeur des Universités, UTC, Compiègne
Sidi Mohammed SENOUCI, Professeur des Universités, ISAT, Université de Bourgogne

Ling-Jyh CHEN, Associate Professor, Academia Sinica, National Taiwan Normal University
Thierry DELOT, Professeur des Universités, Université de Valenciennes
Fabrice VALOIS, Professeur des Universités, CITI, INSA de Lyon
Véronique VEQUE, Professeur des Universités, L2S, SUPELEC, Université Paris-Sud

Frédéric LE MOUEL, Maître de Conférences, CITI, INSA de Lyon
Hervé RIVANO, Chargé de Recherche, HDR, CITI, INSA de Lyon