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  • 17 juillet 2018

    VÉLOVGR – “Vélover la ville” (cycle the city) (2013)

    Summary: Urban self-service bicycle sharing systems have been developing rapidly on an international scale for less than a decade, and correspond to a change in mobility, public services and contemporary urban practice. This innovation, which resembles individual public transportation, makes the user the producer of their mobility and the co-producer of the evolution of an […]

  • 16 juillet 2018

    Atelier IMU Jeux urbains, une première séance réussie

    1ère partie Cette première partie (durée 1h20) fut consacrée à jouer, pratique indispensable pour se mettre en condition – 5 jeux étaient disponibles : URBALOG URBALOG est un jeu de plateau destiné à la formation et la médiation autour du croisement des enjeux de l’aménagement urbain et des enjeux de la logistique urbaine. Encadré par […]

  • JANUS – Serious digital archaeology game integrating social customs (2012)

    Summary: The JANUS project aims to design, execute and validate the modalities for a mainstream online social game (computer or mobile device) to enhance the attraction, awareness and self-learning of scientific methods in archaeology, as a precursor to more ambitious developments. The innovative overall approach aims to combine archaeological site visits, museum tours and online […]

  • 4 juillet 2018

    ALARIC – From past to future: identifying mechanisms of incremental change (2013)

    Summary: Beyond the term itself, the “sustainable city” in the sense of a new urban potentiality is taking form incrementally via a variety of initiatives that are already in place, but whose appreciation is open to question. The ALARIC project seeks to understand the nature and principles of this incremental urban change process by profiling […]