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  • 22 septembre 2018

    Atelier sur la perception de l’industrie

    2 octobre 2018 de 9h00 à 12h00 au TUBA Dans le cadre de la réponse de la Métropole de Lyon à l’appel à projet TIGA (Territoire d’Innovation – Grande Ambition), ouvert aux collectivités dans le cadre des « investissements d’avenir », la Métropole de Lyon et ses partenaires (Benkei et TUBA) sont porteurs d’une fiche […]

  • 6 septembre 2018

    VÉLÉVAL – Assessment of the feasibility of cycling in urban spaces (2017)

    Summary: Véléval addresses the cyclability of urban spaces, both in terms of material and technical conditions but also in terms of the social conditions surrounding the use of bikes and conditioning the quality of travel by bike. The aim is to integrate cyclists’ practices and experiences into the evaluation of journeys and places. This will […]

  • 19 juillet 2018

    OPTIMUM – Photographic observatory of the area: images of changing urban worlds (2017)

    Summary: The innovative premise on which this project is founded is that the practice of photography – by a skilled artist with a singular vision – can constitute a form of investigation and a tool for considering geography and spatial planning (urban planning and architecture). The images, insofar as they are linked to a certain […]

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