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  • 16 juillet 2018

    BOIFIMU – Driftwood and Flooding in Urban Environments (2016)

    Summary: Dead wood transported by waterways exacerbates the consequences of rises in water levels in urban environments, where it accumulates near structures and increases the risk of flooding. Two phenomena are increasing the number and scale of urban floods caused (or exacerbated) by the presence of driftwood: 1) first, the gradual spread of vegetation along […]

  • REVISOLS – City regeneration and polluted or potentially polluted soils (2015)

    Summary: REVISOLS addresses the issue of city regeneration from the point of view of soil repurposing. Reconstruction/densification is now a priority in a public policy context that aims to limit urban sprawl and encourage compact cities. This project takes an upstream approach, addressing the issue of soils polluted or potentially polluted by past industrial and […]

  • 22 juillet 2015

    Bilan 2013

    Projets pluridisciplinaires financés : ALARIC – Du passé ne faisons pas table rase : à la recherche de l’incrémentation du changement BATI3D – La modélisation 3D comme outil heuristique dans la reconstitution du bâti ancien : approche ethnoarchéologique et expérimentation technique IDEFFE – Estimation des usages et agrégation des données énergétiques des bâtiments par identification expérimentale […]

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