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  • 16 juillet 2018

    REVISOLS – City regeneration and polluted or potentially polluted soils (2015)

    Summary: REVISOLS addresses the issue of city regeneration from the point of view of soil repurposing. Reconstruction/densification is now a priority in a public policy context that aims to limit urban sprawl and encourage compact cities. This project takes an upstream approach, addressing the issue of soils polluted or potentially polluted by past industrial and […]

  • MGS – Geometric measurement of skylines to objectivise their representations (2012)

    Summary: This project aims to inventory and systematically analyse skyline perceptions of practitioners and the general public by comparing the geometric characteristics taken from skyline photographs with the perceptions of several audiences in Lyon and London. The project is run by a multidisciplinary team and has several objectives: Upstream, the aim is to define these […]

  • JANUS – Serious digital archaeology game integrating social customs (2012)

    Summary: The JANUS project aims to design, execute and validate the modalities for a mainstream online social game (computer or mobile device) to enhance the attraction, awareness and self-learning of scientific methods in archaeology, as a precursor to more ambitious developments. The innovative overall approach aims to combine archaeological site visits, museum tours and online […]

  • 27 mars 2017

    INCITY – Découvrez le film du projet

    Le 10 décembre 2015, les équipes de Bouygues Construction livraient la TOUR INCITY avec six semaines d’avance. Début 2016, les 2 500 collaborateurs de la CAISSE D’ÉPARGNE RHONE-ALPES et de la SNCF ont investi la tour. Un an après, elle fait entièrement partie de la skyline lyonnaise, avec sa flèche culminant à 200 mètres de […]

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