FABPAT - Sharing the shaping of heritage - Approach and issues concerning the Historical Urban Landscape (HUL) (2016)

Scientific coordinator: Isabelle Lefort (EVS) – ialefort@gmail.com
Disciplines: Sociology – Data and Imaging Science – Geography
Laboratories: EVS – LIRIS – CMW – TRIANGLE
Partners: City of Lyon – Musées Gadagne – Municipal archaeology department – Municipal library – Municipal cultural cooperation service – Urban spatial planning division – Musée des Confluences


This project is taking place in a context of a significant transformation of the manner in which Unesco world heritage sites, including Lyon (1998), are taken into account and managed. Labex IMU was approached by regional players to implement these new procedures and the proposed consortium includes both the site's heritage operators and scientists from the Lyon community. The aim is to foster a more democratic and citizen-oriented approach to heritage by developing a procedure and a tool to engage in the Historical Urban Landscape (HUL) process in both an operational and reflective manner, in the form of action research. These two inseparable aspects mobilise and challenge reflections and practices regarding what makes heritage, bringing together all stakeholders: inhabitants, non-profit associations, professionals, politicians and scientific experts. The deliverable, an evolving collaborative and participatory digital atlas, will map expertise in
data and imaging science and the social sciences to the operational and practical skills of cultural players. This prototype, in the form of a matrix of desired functionalities, will be applied by the Musées Gadagne, as the interpretation centre for the historical site of Lyon.