PRIMA-EUROPA - Markets and networks for the promotion of raw materials construction in Europe (2014)

Scientific coordinator: Fabrice Bardet (EVS) –
Disciplines: Political science – Sociology – Civil engineering
Laboratories: CMW – LTDS – LGCB – ENSAL


Long viewed from a heritage angle, “raw” materials (soils or stones used as support materials, often associated with bio-sourced materials: wood, straw, hemp) today benefit from unprecedented support with the rise of environmental concerns and the development of green industries in the French economy. Raw materials appear to offer thermal, hygrothermal, ecological or aesthetic qualities that are advantageous to their success among clients demanding or seeking innovation.

The project pursues two goals:

– identify the political or economic barriers to the development of the materials construction sector,

– understand the dynamics of emerging markets in the raw materials construction sector via sociological analyses of offer, demand and their encounter.

The project consists of a sociological study of soil construction and renovation markets in the Lyon agglomeration area where they appear to be particularly active, notably due to a long-standing culture, but also due to the dynamism of professional networks.

The first step is to progress in our knowledge of the new buyers of these products, identifying their motivations and purchasing strategies. The existence of a possible sales niche phenomenon will be tested, linked to social differentiation strategies by populations who are liable to agree to pay a high price for their “attachment” to environmental concerns.

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