ARMATURE – Spatial, temporal and ecological dynamics of the green band (armature verte) of the Lyon metropolis (2014)

Scientific coordinator: Bernard Gauthiez (EVS) –
Disciplines: Geography – Biology
Laboratories: EVS – LEHNA – LIRIS
Partners: Grand Lyon – Lyon urban planning agency (UrbaLyon)


An urban green band is a genuine system defined by a spatial structure, flows and movements, temporal dynamics. The goal of the ARMATURE project is to develop methodologies to describe, model and evaluate these three properties of the “green band system”.

The ARMATURE project studies the dynamic of vegetation in the Lyon space across six decades and at three levels: that of the agglomerated urban territory, that of the formed city, and a specific approach to public spaces and their evolution. The aim of this project is to develop methodologies for evaluating green bands applicable to all urban areas.

The methodology used seeks to characterise the species and plant forms occupying these spaces and the evolution of this perspective. For the most recent period, practices will be an aspect viewed as decisive, in particular, with regard to public and private spaces, the use of fertilisers and pesticides. At all these levels, available studies of biodiversity will be mobilised and used as much as possible as references.

The expected results are to reveal the ecological continuities expected of a green band, i.e. spatial and functional, but also temporal.