IDEFFE - Estimated usages and aggregation of buildings energy data via experimental identification of physical models (2013)

Scientific coordinator: Christian Ghiaus (CETHIL) –
Disciplines: Thermal engineering – Information technology – Social sciences/Humanities
Laboratories: CETHIL – EVS – LIRIS
Partners: Grand Lyon


Unlike consumption, building energy efficiency cannot be measured directly. The efficiency of a solution can only be estimated by comparison with the results that would have been obtained without applying this solution. This is thus an indirect measurement that requires a baseline reference, a technological barrier to be removed with experimental and reproducible measures. In the IDEFFE project, the benchmark is provided by a building model whose structure is obtained based on physical considerations and parameters with a known or experimentally identifiable probability distribution. The IDEFFE project therefore aims to define the form of the model and the experimental methods for identifying its physical parameters. This model should make it possible to integrate as entry data measurements from distributed sensors and user behaviours.

Resolving this problem requires three complementary scientific skills: thermal engineering for physical modelling and solving the inverse problem of experimental identification of parameters, information technology for deploying distributed sensors and managing the data from these sensors (data models, analysis models, performance), and social sciences and humanities for behaviour analysis.