OMEGA ECO CAMPUS: Application of the approach developed in the framework of the OMEGA project in support of the Eco-Campus project (2012)

Scientific coordinator: Frédéric Cherqui (LGCIE) –
Disciplines: Urban hydrology – Urban planning and technology
Laboratories: LGCIE – EVS


The LyonTech la Doua campus (University of Lyon) is currently being renovated and is destined to become a model experimental eco-campus. Water management (drinking water, rainwater, waste water, etc.) is one of the key areas which will be examined.

The project has a dual objective:

- support the University of Lyon and the establishments involved in the area of urban water management (goal definition, design, execution and monitoring);

- develop indicators to enable measurement of the evolution of the service provided by the urban water management system.

The methodology used is based on three approaches: documentary analysis, survey of the various players connected to the campus, and use of a generic model of services to be provided by the urban water management system.