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  • 1 avril 2019

    Projet de chaire Data et Services pour une ville durable

    ENJEUX ET OBJECTIFS DE LA CHAIRE Cette chaire vise la conception et l’expérimentation (validation de concept) de nouveaux services fondés sur la valorisation et l’enrichissement des données des partenaires. Un autre enjeu de la Chaire est aussi de préciser les conditions de création et de partage de valeur au sein d’un écosystème de la data […]

  • 17 juillet 2018

    PRIVA’MOV – Mobility and privacy: from data collection to analysis (2013)

    Summary: The goal of this project is to make a platform for collecting new types of urban and social mobility records available to the researchers of the IMU community, to deepen their research and validate their hypotheses and models. Many communities seek to improve their understanding of urban mobility behaviours: scientific communities (sociologists, philosophers, geographers, […]

  • ASTRAL – Spatial-temporal analysis of traffic data for smart mobility (2014)

    Summary: Large agglomerations are faced with rising and increasingly diverse mobility demands, just as the need for sustainable mobility is also a growing focus. The joint evolutions of “urban rhythms” and “territories of daily living” are tending towards individualisation of mobility practices. Policy-makers seem to be addressing these issues, at least in the large agglomerations, […]

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