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  • 16 juillet 2018

    ELUD – Urban logistical efficiency of sustainable food (2017)

    Summary: The aim of this project is to offer a methodology providing a framework for simulating scenarios, as well as a set of indicators and tools for evaluating and analysing the sustainable performance of players involved in the logistics and transport of fresh products in order to estimate the sustainability of new urban food delivery […]

  • IDENUM – Digital urban identities (2016)

    Summary: This project addresses visual representations of the city through the production and publication of photographs and texts online and in particular on social media. The project aims to describe and characterise practices to document and archive the urban area by photography, linking them to individual and collective public and private projects conferring status and […]

  • 4 juillet 2018

    ALARIC – From past to future: identifying mechanisms of incremental change (2013)

    Summary: Beyond the term itself, the “sustainable city” in the sense of a new urban potentiality is taking form incrementally via a variety of initiatives that are already in place, but whose appreciation is open to question. The ALARIC project seeks to understand the nature and principles of this incremental urban change process by profiling […]

  • 17 mai 2018

    Bilan 2018

    Projets pluridisciplinaires financés 3M’AIR – Mesures citoyennes mobiles et modélisation : qualité de l’air et îlots de chaleur à Lyon ARMATURE 2 – L’armature verte de la Métropole de Lyon : visualisation, évolution et connectivité d’un paysage urbanisé COCOVN – Conception collaborative pour la ventilation naturelle GOURAMIC – Classification – Reconstruction de l’occupation du sol […]

  • 24 avril 2018

    Appel à contribution de l’Ecole Urbaine de Lyon

    L’Ecole Urbaine de Lyon, la SPL Lyon Confluence et l’agence In Medias Res s’associent pour organiser un cycle de conférences à l’occasion des 15 ans du quartier de La Confluence. L’objectif de cette initiative est d’éclairer et mettre en débat auprès du grand public les grands enjeux urbains de demain. Ces conférences, au format original […]

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