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  • POUDEV – Energy policies and customs in the city (2012)

    Summary: The energy transition is emerging as a new urban public issue which is the subject of debate. Alongside the traditional energy management players (government, major industrial players in the sector), urban players are emerging (local communities, local technical operators – particularly housing operators – resident associations, etc.). While the issue of the energy transition […]

  • 16 juillet 2018

    ELUD – Urban logistical efficiency of sustainable food (2017)

    Summary: The aim of this project is to offer a methodology providing a framework for simulating scenarios, as well as a set of indicators and tools for evaluating and analysing the sustainable performance of players involved in the logistics and transport of fresh products in order to estimate the sustainability of new urban food delivery […]

  • IDENUM – Digital urban identities (2016)

    Summary: This project addresses visual representations of the city through the production and publication of photographs and texts online and in particular on social media. The project aims to describe and characterise practices to document and archive the urban area by photography, linking them to individual and collective public and private projects conferring status and […]

  • BOIFIMU – Driftwood and Flooding in Urban Environments (2016)

    Summary: Dead wood transported by waterways exacerbates the consequences of rises in water levels in urban environments, where it accumulates near structures and increases the risk of flooding. Two phenomena are increasing the number and scale of urban floods caused (or exacerbated) by the presence of driftwood: 1) first, the gradual spread of vegetation along […]

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