International Conférence « (Re)Building Cities Through Narratives »

27-28 novembre 2018

Les 27 et 28 novembre prochains, la conférence « (Re)Building Cities Through Narratives » est organisée par l’Université Jean Monnet et Sciences Po Lyon dans le cadre d’un programme Jean Monnet Network qui associe ces deux établissements aux Universités de Pittsburgh et Newcastle (la conférence est en anglais).

Taking into account the complex history of (de)industrialisation and its spatial manifestations (scale, place, network, territory), the key-driving question of the conference will focus on the (re)making of cities through narration. Despite their discursive and partly unfathomable dimensions, urban narratives are omnipresent and accompany the (re)development of cities.
Urban narratives will thus be explored in four conference sessions.

  • The first one will focus on narratives created to improve the image of cities that have experienced decline and/or expect to position themselves in an international urban competition.
  • The second one will bring together students and scholars interested in discourses about metropolises as places where various and numerous types of actors and institutions cooperate. In other words, this session will offer analyses of narratives about cities as collective actors and metropolitan governance.
  • The third session will focus on narratives presenting cities as actors defending human rights and improving the disadvantaged communities or on the “Just City”.
  • In the fourth session, there will be a platform for alternative narratives to be voiced; these are defined as alternative either in terms of their contents, or because they are articulated by actors usually deemed as outside the pale (certain NGOs, associations of inhabitants, or direct action groups, for example).